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Dissolution of Association of Aerospace Universities (AAU)

The Association of Aerospace Universities (AAU) has been permanently dissolved. The decision is in accordance with the wishes of the representatives of the member institutions and the Constitution of the Association of Aerospace Universities (AAU).

Message from Honorary Chairman Dr. Thurai Rahulan:

It has been an absolute privilege and a great honour to have served as the Chairman of the AAU since 1st November 2006. I am extremely thankful to our members as well as fellow executives for the unreserved support and guidance over the years.

Association of Aerospace Universities focuses on related activities within the higher education sector, thus supporting and promoting the UK aerospace industry through the provision of world-class education, research and consultancy. It is also an important starting point for those seeking to enrol on aerospace courses at university, and provides an information base on both UK universities and their related courses.

We aim to provide information covering a wide range of topics within the aerospace industry, including latest research, constantly updated course information for students, and a voice for the industry itself.

The aviation/aeronautical industry is a varied and diverse employer, and we seek to provide access to those looking for a clear career path through university to employment.

This is a very exciting time for the aerospace industry and we look to support those involved in its progression. On our website, and courtesy of our prestigious members, we have information on a range of diverse topics from pilot studies to thermodynamics; flight simulators to materials science. In addition we are delighted to hear from aerospace researchers/students around the world, who either want to become members of our organisation, or who have information they would like to share with the aerospace community.

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